PODCAST made with the kids of Paolo Sesto

(Taranto, Puglia) 

Together with them we realised the podcast. 

The interviews made by and with the children alternates with sound pick ups recorded by them in the housing. The aim was to describe their place and their daily life through sounds.



Technical sound advisor for BESTIARIUM,

an interactive sound walk @ Haus der Kultur der Welt 

by Die Ordnung der Dinge, Iñigo Miranda, Nuria Nuñez Hierro  

As part of the film 'Tara' by Volker Sättel and Francesca Bertin, i gave a workshop on field recording and sound collages in an old radio studio 'Venti del Sud' located in the social 

housing Case Bianche in Paolo Sesto (Taranto) to the children living there.



Live Sound for SUBJOYRIDE @ 10years SODA 



Dance Performance by Studio Disorder with Rodrigo Garcia Alves and Mab Cardoso in  (Live Cardo Matos and Rui Leonardes (Visuals) and Maicyra Leão (Dramaturgy)


Subjoyride' is the first outcome of the contact between Studio Disorder and Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven's body of work.In this performance, Rodrigo Garcia Alves and Mab Cardoso explore Freytag- Lohringhoven's poetry which focuses on tales of the city and the narratives of consumption and urban emotions.Some of the work elements make reference to the history of art and evocates one of its most neglected artists.


Radio Schizoanalytique – Transmissions from the Fold is a discursive radio event which takes the anti-mining movement in Halkidiki, Northern Greece, against the “low-cost” Canadian gold mining company Eldorado Gold as a starting point to unfold a multi-layered critical perspective on extractivism and to propose alternative, sustainable futures.


In my sound intervention i played an analogue synth, mixing it with pre recorded sound effects and these songs : broadcast 'drums on fire', Lena Platonos 'A Physical Exercise Unsolved', Units 'Work Hip Tanaka', Kraid Ancient Random 'Cinders Blades Wings (Target variant)', Godley & Creme 'Group life'.




Sentimental Punk is a monthly music event that takes place in Kotti-Shop Berlin,  Kreuzberg . The curator Dafne Narvaez invited us (me and Elke Echo ) to  improvise on the video work of the avantgarde artist Hollis Frampton (1936,Ohio-1984,New York City). I posted the entire performance here >>>

DINOSAUR.GIF with Anna Zett


at the Kongress der Artikulation, Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Berlin 



at the finissage of “we , animals, TIERE BILDER ÖKONOMIEN” ,

Mein Blau gallery, Berlin


also broadcasted on the VISIONARY RADIO independent Berlin artist radio* project by Sara Lehn and on Reboot.fm 


Some excerpts from “vertical score“ (soundlayer by soundlayer) live performed in reaction to live scroll of the video essay DINOSAUR.GIF by Anna Zett - the digital wilderness of contemporary dinosaurs meets the animal theatre of early cinema.



Radio transmission @ RADIO DE LA CULTURE VISUELLE 



A pirate radio station and studio in a berlin art school happening during 4 days / 40 hours organized by Sarah Lehn. I took part of two shows and one dj set.

For the first show , 'working girl',  together with Ulrike Bernard,  we made a mash up with music , noise , youtube tutorials sound  on working hard !

In the second podcast i m talking and playing songs with Wolfgang Müller , author, artist and member of the great berliner punk band ' die tödliche Doris ' from the 80's .

listen here >>>>>https://radiodelaculturevisuelle.wordpress.com/thursday-12-07/