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March 24


Collective mixtape 'DIE T​ÖDLICHE​ DORIS IM BAUSATZ' by Tödliche Doris 

published by Kashual Plastik


My work has been selected to take part in this tape produced by Kashual Plastik.
You can listen to the whole album here >


Sound installation at Hordaland Art Centre, Bergen
and LP  'I was told I chop wood like a ballet dancer' 
published by CODA PRESS


Febr 20



IwtIcwlabd is a body of work that has grown as a collective effort. Following the origin of the word concert – to contest, question, dispute (with) as well as agreement in action. IwtIcwlabd has been shaped by public workshops and through improvisation sessions with a group of bass players and the performers chopping wood. I realized sound design on side A and made the composition of side B. The concept and texts are by Freja Bäckman.

2020 Coda press has published an LP with two tracks. In the extract you can hear a shortened version.


Oct 2015
@ Kottishop, Berlin

Live music improvisation for SENTIMENTALPUNK SOUNDTRACK#6 

Sentimental Punk is a monthly music cinematic event . The curator Dafne Narvaez invited us (me and Elke Echo ) to  improvise on the video work of the avantgarde artist Hollis Frampton (1936,Ohio-1984,New York City). watch the entire performance here >>>

Jan 2018 
@ Haus der Kultur
der Welt, Berlin


“Bestiarium. An interactive round of sound for people ages 5 and up”

On this fable-lous tour of HKW, concert, music theater and sound installation combine to form an interactive adventure.Singular sounds whirr through the corridors and rooms, strange figures dart through the hallways and an old gramophone recording calls for help. In a hidden research lab populated by almost forgotten, whimsical beings, all your senses are called upon to search for solutions.

Technical sound advisor for BESTIARIUM an interactive sound walk 

by Die Ordnung der Dinge, Iñigo Miranda, Nuria Nuñez Hierro  


@ Kunstraum Kreuzberg


@ Mein Blau gallery


Live music collage for DINOSAUR.GIF by Anna Zett


also broadcasted on the VISIONARY RADIO independent Berlin artist radio* project by Sara Lehn and on 


Some excerpts from  “vertical score“ (soundlayer by soundlayer) live performed in reaction to live scroll of the video essay DINOSAUR.GIF by Anna Zett - the digital wilderness of contemporary dinosaurs meets the animal theatre of early cinema.



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