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@ Uferstudios Berlin Ausufern


live music for DANCE GATHERING
a dance performance by Alice Chauchat

The choreographer Alice Chaucat organise dance parties in urban spaces since 2014.
These dances are defined by stories people tell each other, before enacting them through dancing with each other. These stories are about ways of relating to each other, to each other's dancing; they are called “the gift”, “the future unison”, “telepathic dance”, etc.

Since I joined the collaboration in 2022, I have given it a soundtrack that consists of a multilayered soundscape. A sort of DJ set where songs occasionally fade into urban and natural ambiences. 

, Rome


Foley performance for the exhibition SORTILEGIO by Alex Cecchetti

On the occasion of the opening of his solo show 'Sortilegio', the artist Alex Cecchetti invited me to produce the sounds of a forest through a live performance.
The sounds, produced through the art of foley, were manipulated and looped in real time.              

@ Tatwerk / Hasenheiden park, Berlin.


Sound design for TURN a choreografic Audiowalk  by Nora Thorman

On the occasion of the exhibition opening, I was invited by artist Alex Cecchetti to produce the sounds of a forest through a live performance. The sounds produced through the art of foley were then manipulated and looped in real time.               

@rua das gaivotas ,


Residency and Performance 'RADIO AFONICA' with Nuno Marques Pinto



Nuno Marques Pinto ( aka Nu No explore since years the different mechanisms that language contains: aphasia, glossolalia, aphonia, stuttering. On this occasion, he invited me to create a skit show together that could be seen but also streamed on the radio .  The performance closes with the The Aphasic choir  which you can listen to  it here <<<

@ Lichthof buhne Hamburg


Music live performed for VOID  a dance performance by Véronique Langlott

VOID is a multimedia, choreographic installation of dance ( Véronique Langlott & Adaya Berkovich ) light
( Susana Alonso )  and sound ( me ). The sound realised in 6.1 surround, is a mishmash of organic, mechanized, atmospheric and sci-fi sound effects. 

@ Mattatoio, Rome  


Residency and study for a foley performance RETTILARIUM with Sara Leghissa, CASA STRASSE; 

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 14.07.19.png

"The reptile house is a space where the life of small animals becomes the object of human attention. In that occasion, performer Sara Leghissa invites the audience both inside and outside the « Rettilario», to shift their perception from one scale to another, from the macro to the microscopical, and back. In doing so, the nature of what we can see and hear slides into new territories, more abstract, less defined, colours, shapes, structures, textures, rhythmic patterns, that defamiliarize the way we apprehend our own surroundings and makes room for their artificiality. To explore those issues, the artist draws from the practice of foley, or the reproduction of everyday sound effects to dub films. Through an experience of overlapping between different soundscapes and the daily life of the city, a voice is given to the humanity that passes through it.


@ Uferstudio, Berlin
10years SODA 

livesound for the dance performance SUBJOYRIDE by Studio Disorder

Dance Performance  with Rodrigo Garcia Alves and Mab Cardoso in  (Live Cardo Matos and Rui Leonardes (Visuals) and Maicyra Leão (Dramaturgy)


Subjoyride' is the first outcome of the contact between Studio Disorder and Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven's body of work.In this performance, Rodrigo Garcia Alves and Mab Cardoso explore Freytag- Lohringhoven's poetry which focuses on tales of the city and the narratives of consumption and urban emotions.Some of the work elements make reference to the history of art and evocates one of its most neglected artists.




Soundscape  for  'Très bien éclairé ' a performance of Arantxa Martinez 

Très bien éclairé is the framework in which Arantxa brings together the different body fictions she has been creating around the idea of the hybrid body. These fictions, independent of each other and far from the theatrical apparatus, are figures in which the body stands out as a product and creator of its own fiction, hybrid inventions that explore processes of penetration and interweaving between body and object.



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